You Can Do It!


I think my granddaughter makes an excellent inspirational speaker and motivational coach at the wise age of 2.  She was visiting a few days ago, and we were playing fetch with my daughter’s dog, Sally.  Sally has a yellow squeaky ball, and Gracie was throwing it from the living room into the kitchen and giggling as Sally retrieved it.  When Sally seemed more interested in squeaking the ball than fetching it, Gracie picked up a toy dog for me and one for herself, and we began to play together.

Gracie has a pink squeaky ball, and I pretended to have my toy dog play with the ball and squeak it just like Sally.  Gracie loved it!  At first, she threw the ball within arms length, so I could easily pretend to have my dog get it, but then she began to throw it into the next room!  So being the playful Mimi that I am, I got up and had my  dog scurry along the floor and fetch the ball.  Gracie became even more animated, jumping up and down with delight, and shouting, “Go get it, Puppy, go get it!”

ImageWhen I became a bit winded and my back began to ache from running while bent over, I finally said, “Puppy is tired.  Puppy needs a break.”

“You can do it, Puppy! You can do it!” was Gracie’s exuberant response.

“But Puppy is tired.”

“No, you can do it!  I know you can!  You can do it!” she continued to cheer.

So, Puppy did.

And you can too!  You can do it!

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Just a transplanted Okinawan-French Southern girl with a wee bit o' Irish, sharing photography and what I'm learning about spiritual things, including putting off legalism and religious traditions, and embracing God's matchless love, tender mercy, and amazing grace! View all posts by Rene Yoshi

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