Fitted Together


This is a bracelet I made in my first series of jewelry classes taken together with my daughter.  I like hearts and swirls.  I like the mixture of silver and gold, although the metals used in its creation were nickel and red brass, which are cheaper and what was available.

The two hearts represent a husband and wife.  One is slightly smaller than the other, not because one is superior to the other, but because women are generally visibly smaller than men.  Both are equal in the sight of God.  They are loosely joined together so as to maintain their individualities, but not too loosely that they should come apart.  They are golden in color, because hearts, like gold, are precious and reveal our character when tried.

The bracelet represents our eternal God.  It is silver in color, because like white, it is a symbol of purity (Psalm 12:6).  Silver was also used as foundation sockets for the Tabernacle (Exodus 26:15-30), and God’s pure word should be the foundation of our relationships.  The hearts are attached loosely to the bracelet to represent our freedom to move about within His sovereign will.

Although many people in circles that are familiar with the KJV combine help and meet as if one word, it is actually two words that mean “a helper that is made to fit”.  The word meet has a Germanic origin that means “to measure”.  It makes me think of a carpenter making measurements to create a dovetail joint that must be precisely matched in order to fit perfectly together.

I just want to fit….

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Just a transplanted Okinawan-French Southern girl with a wee bit o' Irish, sharing photography and what I'm learning about spiritual things, including putting off legalism and religious traditions, and embracing God's matchless love, tender mercy, and amazing grace! View all posts by Rene Yoshi

8 responses to “Fitted Together

  • Samuel

    Enriching comments and challenging too. Suitability, bonding and harmony have their roots in surrender — to Him and to each other, nothing held back. But even when individuals fall short for whatever reason, or are unavoidably held back, His grace abounds in their patience.

    • Rene Yoshi

      Thank you, Samuel, for your insight, exhortation, and gracious encouragement. Praying that you would be strengthened in your patience and in your striving to walk uprightly with integrity and brotherly love.

  • Word (((HUGS)))

    Rene, not only is your jewelry creation inspiring, but your words fit together perfectly to create a work of art all their own. Lovely sentiment and reminder of the bond between God, a man and a woman. Thank you.

  • Scott

    Rene, I believe (Biblically) the woman and man fit together when the woman finds a man doing what God has led him to do – it fits with Adam and Eve. God’s Plan for man and woman is a total one and we will never be truly happy until we fit into that plan as was originally designed.

    Thanks for an insightful and touching commentary

    • Rene Yoshi

      Thank you, Scott, for sharing your thoughts. What I find sad is how many of us, who profess to follow Him, can say the right things yet not follow His principles. I think the unhappiness within families and the high divorce rate among Christians is a result. I agree, both man and woman must fit into His plan in order to be truly fitted together and happy (blessed).

      I also find it interesting when those who do not profess any belief, seem to fit together very well, although I cannot seem to recall any who remained fitted together and happy for a lifetime. Can you?

  • Scott

    The ‘fitting together’ is an original Creation Mandate…I believe the old-time Reformers called in ‘Divine Institution #3…regardless, however, the proper (and seamless) fitting is dependent upon the MAN functioning according to what God has ordained for him. That, of course, is another ‘sermonette’ 🙂 but suffice it to say if the man is not functioning as he is called to do, how can anything else work? A non-believing husband and wife can be fitted fine because they are both unbelievers. But…perhaps another time this can be addressed.

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