Book Recommendation: Captivating


“The vast desire and capacity a woman has for intimate relationships tells us of God’s vast desire and capacity for intimate relationships.” (p. 28)

Men say women are mysterious creatures that will never be understood.  That may be partly true, because sometimes, we don’t even understand ourselves.   Want to get a peek into the mystery of a woman’s soul?

My daughter had been reading the book Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul by John & Stasi Eldredge, and she would share bits and pieces along with her own thoughts.  She kept saying, “Mom, you’ve got to read it after I’m finished.  I think you’ll really like it.”

She was right.  I have read only two chapters, and I just have to recommend it to you, whether you’re a man or woman, but especially if you’re a woman, although they did also publish a book for men called Wild At Heart.

God is mysterious, too, and part of discovering who He is, is in discovering who He created us to be, because we– both man and woman– were created in His image.  One of the things the authors point out in the book is that the message of the Bible is God longs for a relationship with us, and the evidence can be seen in a woman’s heart.

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6 responses to “Book Recommendation: Captivating

  • Scott

    It’s fascinating, in light of this book’s declarations, that our Lord, the God of Creation, is viewed in the first chapters of Genesis as having attributes that can only be attributed to the female (so much for the nit wit conclusions that the God of the Bible is a creation of male chauvinists!). Yes, God can demonstrate those ‘manly’ attributes (warrior, Father, etc) but He has a tenderness and desire to love as only a female can. It would do us all well to note that having our image in God involves BOTH male and female. And remember how many times He reached out to an unloving Israel in terms only a mother could use!

    Intimate relationships – isn’t that what our Lord is all about? Not rules and regulations, not checklists on right and wrong, not standing by with a paddle to clobber us; but a desire for real intimacy and love.

    Thanks for recommending this book!!

    • Rene Yoshi

      Yes!! The book also referenced Scripture in which God is compared to a mother. Some of what I’ve read so far I’d heard at a Family Life Marriage conference years and years ago, but the book goes much further. I’m looking forward to reading the rest!

      Thank you, Scott, for visiting and leaving a comment! 🙂

  • Sandra

    It’s humbling to know that God, my creator, yearns for a relationship with me. It’s up to me to make that happen. Thanks for the book recommendation, Rene.

  • iwouldratherbewriting

    This is an interesting brief that makes me wanna buy the book and read right away!

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