A Missed Blessing?


I think I may have missed a blessing, a gift of provision.  My eyes and ears are not always open to the things of the Spirit, and sometimes I know I’ve missed things because of unnecessary fear or a lack of faith even when I have felt prompted to do or say something.

On my way back home after taking my daughter to the airport in Manchester, NH, I saw some ice fisherman on a lake at dawn.  I immediately took the exit following, but being a woman alone and realizing I’d have to walk through the woods and then onto the ice to get a picture, I decided against it.  The morning light was so beautiful, and I really wanted to take a picture, but I foresaw no future opportunity along the interstate.  As I continued to drive, I felt impressed to take the Bethel / South Royalton exit long before I even reached it.  I said, “Lord, I want to take a picture, but I’m tired and hungry.  If You want me to take the exit, I will, but You’ll have to compel me.”

By the time I reached the exit, I felt compelled.  I hoped I wasn’t wasting my time.  I turned toward South Royalton and reached the intersection that hosts Eaton’s Sugar House, and it was open, bustling, and serving breakfast!  I bypassed it, not wanting to miss the beautiful lighting, and turned again toward South Royalton.  I found a place to park next to a rocky spot of the White River.  It was a beautiful spot, and since I’d been wanting to capture a slow-shutter water shot, it was perfect, and I used the rocks as a tripod.  I am so happy with how the photo turned out!

I didn’t end up stopping by the sugar house to have breakfast despite my hunger.  Instead, I decided to drive the relatively short distance and fix something to eat at home.  Strangely, it hadn’t occurred to me that the sugar house was just as much God’s provision as was the river.  Now, I’m kicking myself for possibly missing a greater blessing.  But still, I am filled with joy at His thoughtfulness.  I feel like He grabbed my hand and said, “Come with Me!  I want to show you something I know you’ll love!”

About Rene Yoshi

Just a transplanted Okinawan-French Southern girl with a wee bit o' Irish, sharing photography and what I'm learning about spiritual things, including putting off legalism and religious traditions, and embracing God's matchless love, tender mercy, and amazing grace! View all posts by Rene Yoshi

12 responses to “A Missed Blessing?

  • Geraldine Van Biljon

    I loved this article, made me think … Words seasoned with grace, thanks for sharing. 🙂 I would love to see the photo! x

  • Geraldine Van Biljon

    The photo only uploaded now, wow!! Incredible beauty!!!!! God amazes me!

    What a blessing indeed 🙂

  • utesmile

    The picture is beautiful and seeing this we can marvel at nature and what God has given us to admire!

  • Randell Bell

    I too missed an opportunity one day (just one of many); I was at a little country breakfast shop taking my mother out to breakfast and as I was leaving to pay the bill a middle aged African American woman was reading the want adds; I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to pay for her breakfast, but I struggled with it and tried to reason it away, but as we were pulling out of the parking lot and some way from the restaurant I told my mother to stop the car – I jumped out and ran back to the restaurant , but as I reached the door the woman had already paid and was leaving, I missed my opportunity, but a week later we both were in the same breakfast shop and I walked up to her and asked if I could pay for her breakfast to which she was grateful and said yes. Did I receive as big a blessing as if I had been faithful the first time? No, but I am more Spirit conscience now so that I will be ready for His urging the next time. God gave me a second chance and a valuable lesson learned. I’m sure the disciples asleep in the garden felt they too had missed a blessing by not staying up and praying, but again they were made stronger by their weakness – and so are you – a missed opportunity on your part – or made stronger for the next time – the next time will tell 🙂

  • Kris

    What a a blessing to have run across your blog. A kindred spirit! The picture is beautiful as were your thoughts.

    • Rene Yoshi

      Thank you so much, Kris! A kindred spirit? Ooo… I already liked your most recent post and can’t wait to check out your other ones! I’m so glad you found me and left a comment. (^_^)

  • Sandra @ Word (((HUGS)))

    I love to read your blog, Rene.It makes me feel peaceful. And the pictures are a phenomenal, luscious icing on the proverbial cake.

  • Sandra @ Word (((HUGS)))

    By the way, I so miss your presence on Word (((HUGS))). You and Ute are the only ones who even give me a sense of hope that someone is out there reading what I write. Although my message is not as spiritually moving as yours and some of the other blogs you follow regularly, I hope you’ll find it in your heart to come back to visit me again. 😉

    • Rene Yoshi

      Thank you, Sandra! I’m sorry I haven’t been by to visit. Somehow some of my subscription settings reset to default and I wasn’t receiving email updates. I’ll be sure to stop by! 🙂

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