Wisdom Wednesday: Seize the Moment!


“He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap.”  —Ecclesiastes 11:4

Have you ever waited for just the right conditions or opportunity and found they never arrived?  Or have you ever waited for someone to stop by your house for something only to waste time watching for them at the window?  I was reminded of Ecclesiastes 11:4 while waiting for someone to stop by my house one day to pick something up.  He was known for being late, but I had no idea he would be over an hour late!  Instead of constantly looking out the window (which I normally would have done because I don’t like to make people wait), I continued to get some work done.  Had I not done so, I would have wasted precious time and accomplished nothing.

“A dog cannot watch two gates.”  —English proverb

Have you ever posted something either on your blog or on a social media site like Facebook or Twitter and then watched to see if anyone would respond or ‘Like’ it?  Have you ever repeatedly checked your blog stats or your email?  Or have you neglected things like household chores, paying bills, or spending time with family because of time spent ‘watching’?  [raises hand]  The number of ‘Likes’ and comments our posts attract will be the same whether we sit here and wait for them or get something else done.  Watching for them won’t make them come any faster or in greater numbers.  I understand wanting to respond to comments in a timely manner, especially right after posting something, but we can take 5-15 minutes to do other things on or off the computer so as not to waste time or neglect relationships.  Time seems to fly by when you’re on the computer, doesn’t it?  So if I start to find myself getting into the habit of losing track of time, I’ll set a timer as a signal to get off the computer in order to get other things done.

“A watched pot never boils.”  —American proverb attributed to Poor Richard aka Benjamin Franklin

Of course, we know whether or not we watch a pot, it will eventually boil, but the time it takes the water to boil seems to go by much more slowly when watched.  A good cook knows a lot can be done while waiting for the water to boil.  “If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean.”  Chop some veggies, fry some bacon, wash some dishes, or do some squats.  Seize the moment!


About Rene Yoshi

Just a transplanted Okinawan-French Southern girl with a wee bit o' Irish, sharing photography and what I'm learning about spiritual things, including putting off legalism and religious traditions, and embracing God's matchless love, tender mercy, and amazing grace! View all posts by Rene Yoshi

19 responses to “Wisdom Wednesday: Seize the Moment!

  • Sandra

    I have waited for replies when I post to my blog and Facebook and normally very few people comment EXCEPT you. You comment. You are an angel. I am so grateful for YOU. I’ll go do some squats now. 🙂 Enjoying Wisdom Wednesdays!

  • morningstoryanddilbert

    I like this post! Take care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

  • Randell Bell

    Another sign of true wisdom is the ability too change for the better and not just for the sake of change. Your words of wisdom are a blessing from God and perhaps, just perhaps a vehicle for change for the better, only time will tell. Thanks Yoshi for your Spirit led mind, humble heart, and obedience to post not only your regular blog, but this true treasure. Great picture. 🙂

    • Rene Yoshi

      Yes, change for the sake of change is merely behavior modification, but true change begins in the heart. Thank you, Randell, for your input and kind words. 🙂

  • Ann

    Well, I just finished posting on my blog and yours is the first I have read. We seem to be on the same page so thank you for the confirmation. I really must go now and do something else 🙂

  • g.

    This is a very helpful post, Rene. Thank you. I like the idea of setting a timer. More of us should do that, during any activity that is consuming too much of our time. I think we know what our own particular problem area is.
    Your posts are interesting, and full of wisdom. Love them. g.

    • Rene Yoshi

      Thank you, g. As you know, I spend a lot of time on the computer, because I do bookkeeping and photo processing among other things. I also love being outdoors during our short summers, but sometimes I have to be intentional about being a good steward and prioritizing things. Thanks again, g! 😀

  • Unshakable Hope

    Great wisdom, Rene! I used to be the world’s most impatient person; I hated waiting for anything and everything! But now that I’m unable to do anything about anything, I’m laid-back (literally and figuratively:-) Life’s too short to be worrying and waiting on/for the actions of others.

  • Especially Made

    Very good and practical advice! We need to make the most of our time. I like the timer tip. 🙂

    • Rene Yoshi

      Thank you! The trick to the timer tip is not to treat it like an alarm clock and push the snooze button… LOL. Wait! I just need to do this one last thing! Just five more minutes! Heh heh… [blush]

  • lessonsbyheart

    Wow, did I ever need to hear this today. Thank you for reminding me that it’s time to get a life!


  • Caddo-Jael

    Oh my goodness, yes. I actually bought a cool timer–have yet to use it, so thanks for the reminder! This is what I love about meeting blog folks–they so often have great ideas, or helpful hints, or the encouragement that may just save my day. God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo

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