Wisdom Wednesday: Driven or Driven?


Photo credit: Kim Jacobsen (http://www.sxc.hu/photo/332982)

When you were a child, did you ever feel like you couldn’t wait to grow up, so you could do what you wanted, when you wanted, instead of having someone else tell you what to do and when?  Or maybe you couldn’t wait to tell someone else what to do.  Funny, isn’t it, how we realize later that no one is immune from being subject to things like a boss, the government, or deadlines?  There will always be someone at some point throughout our lives telling us what to do.

When my children were younger, I made up a chore sheet for each child.  They themselves could decide when to accomplish their assigned tasks, unless they failed to do so.  As the end of the week drew near or the chore was sorely in need of being done, I would tell them to git ‘er done—now—regardless of whether or not it was convenient for them.  And if they complained, I would teach them the meaning of Proverbs 12:24, “The hand of the diligent will rule, while the slothful will be put to forced labor.”  (ESV)  They could either rule themselves or be ruled by someone else.  They could either do the assigned chore when it was convenient for them or when it became necessary and possibly inconvenient.  It really was their choice.

“The door of laziness is the boundary of suffering.”  —Albanian proverb

“It is absurd that he should rule others, who knows not how to rule himself.”  —Latin proverb

“Merit and fame never crown the lazy.”  —Chinese proverb

We can be either self-driven, successful and happy, or driven by another and suffer.


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Just a transplanted Okinawan-French Southern girl with a wee bit o' Irish, sharing photography and what I'm learning about spiritual things, including putting off legalism and religious traditions, and embracing God's matchless love, tender mercy, and amazing grace! View all posts by Rene Yoshi

16 responses to “Wisdom Wednesday: Driven or Driven?

  • Randell Bell

    I supposse the same could be said of love. Laziness in love to one another, laziness in service to God, leaves a wake of unfruitful works and disappointment, while a person who strives to love and serve gleans both earthly and heavenly rewards and the satisfaction of a job well done. Well done Rene 🙂

  • g.

    I will admit to having bouts with the ailment of laziness, from time to time. Then, when I get back on top of things, I wonder why I was lazy, when accomplishing something brings such satisfaction. I feel that most of the time I am ‘driven’, but occasionally have to ‘be’ driven when something cannot be put off any longer.
    Very good, motivational post. Now I need to get out of my recliner and get to work. 🙂

  • Toni Sprandel

    Loved this and it is so true! Thank you!

  • Unshakable Hope

    I made chore sheets for my kids too when they were young. I can’t remember when we quit, but I think it was to soon:-)

  • Sandra

    Once again a home run for me. You speak truth when you say, “There will always be someone at some point throughout our lives telling us what to do.” I find that now that my mom is older and cannot always make decisions for herself, it is my responsibility to make them for her and she is grateful.

  • Victoria

    “It is absurd that he should rule others, who knows not how to rule himself.” —Latin proverb. Oh my goodness, we have a huge example of the truth of this proverb: Sadly, our own President.

    • Rene Yoshi

      Yes, Vicki, sad but true. I confess there are areas in my own life that I have difficulty ruling over, too.

      • opine2011

        Yes of course, but our difficulties are small and unintentional. What is happening in our country in fully intentional, deliberately creating mistrust in millions of people. The largest evil is the lawless disregard of the Constitution, which was created specifically under God’s blessing, men doing their best with petitions and prayer to form a document allowing freedom to all.

        I do believe the prayers of millions are heard and answered, for so much is coming to light now. God is in control, regardless of the works of the enemy.

      • Rene Yoshi

        Oh, some of my difficulties are big, and like Paul, I lament that I do things I don’t want to do, and don’t do things I want to do. I agree with God and yet find myself sometimes intentionally choosing not to be ruled by His Spirit in a given moment, but choose rather to be ruled by the flesh. Don’tcha hate when that happens?

        But I hear what you’re saying. So much of what is happening is just so unbelievable! We’ve allowed too much to go unchecked and become too dependent on the government and too complacent that we are where we are today. I believe, too, that the events unfolding line up with prophecy. It’s pretty scary and exciting at the same time. Like you said, we need to pray, believing God is ultimately in control. Thank you, Vicki!

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