Wisdom Wednesday: Fish and Guests

Photo credit:  David Gunter

Photo credit: David Gunter

Have you ever had guests that overstayed their welcome or a neighbor that visited a little too often? Have you ever been that guest or neighbor? My late father used to visit no longer than three days, “because,” he would say, “guests are like fish; they both start to stink after three days.”

“Let thy foot be seldom in thy neighbor’s house, lest he be weary of thee, and hate thee.” —Proverbs 25:17 ASV

“A constant guest is never welcome.” —German proverb

“Visits always give pleasure—if not the arrival, the departure.” —Portuguese proverb

A Chinese proverb says, “When the guests have gone, the host is at peace.” That reminds me of a time when my daughter was a little girl and was an overnight guest in a relative’s home. When she returned, she said something like, “I’m so glad to be home.” When I asked why and wondered whether or not she’d had a good time, she said something like, “Because I’m tired from trying to be so good all the time.” Perhaps that’s how hosts and hostesses sometimes feel, especially when trying to be hospitable to demanding or inconsiderate guests.

Wanna know how to be a good house guest besides not overstaying your welcome? Check out this article on How to Be a Good House Guest.

My father did end up staying a week for what would unexpectantly prove to be his last visit. I’m so glad he broke his rule that time. A Mexican proverb says, “A dead man and an uninvited guest smell after three days.” I think the length and pleasure of a visitor’s stay depends upon the visitor, don’t you?


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