I am Ryland – the story of a male-identifying little girl who didn’t transition

The story of a beautiful young woman who once acted more like a boy, just like Ryland, only her parents did things differently, and she hopes Ryland’s parents eventually will, too.

lindsay leigh bentley

I have been shying away from highly controversial topics on this blog recently because I just couldn’t take the drama that naturally associates with it.  But I keep hearing the story of Ryland, a child who was born a female, whose parents have transitioned her to male at 5 years old.  You can see the full story HERE, but in short, because their daughter identified herself as a boy, and liked “boy” things as opposed to “girl” things, they cut off her hair, bought her “boy” clothes, and have begun telling her, and others, that she is a boy.

I have no degree in early childhood development, nor have I studied psychology.  I didn’t even graduate from College.

I am also not here to pass judgement on Ryland’s parents.  I believe that they are doing what they believe to be the most loving thing for their child.  I’m simply sharing my…

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4 responses to “I am Ryland – the story of a male-identifying little girl who didn’t transition

  • Heidi Viars

    thanks so much for pointing us to this great post. makes such good sense~

  • grumpea

    A very good article!
    Yet, the more I think about Ryland, the more baffled I am. The video says that when she started to learn to speak, she would start saying ‘I am a boy!’
    The problem with that is that at that age, no child would be able to really know what defines a boy and a girl. As a one/two year old kid, I don’t think we really know what the gender stereotypes are. And as Lindsay rightly pointed out, Ryland’s parents stuck to such gender stereotypes and categories. Yet, the irony is that at the age of just starting to speak, a child does not necessarily truly understand these gender divisions of which her parents adhere to.

    • Rene Yoshi

      Yes, I agree. It is modern society that has caused us to rethink things. While Christians are often accused of being uneducated and illogical, modern society has caused us to react emotionally, rather than rationally on such issues. Even using the scientific method would come to the conclusion that Ryland’s behavior is not abnormal for a little girl.

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