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For anyone who may be feeling cast down and in turmoil today.  There is hope.

Come Alive

Have you ever felt dry and maybe even dead inside?  Or do you kill plants because you forget to water them?  A dinosaur plant was one of the things my son, Chris, gave me for Mother’s Day.  It was one of several unique, cool plant/garden gifts.  The dinosaur plant can remain alive without water for 50 years.  When it dries, it curls up, and because it has shallow roots, the wind can roll it along until it hits water, where it instantly begins to rehydrate. Cool, huh?


The characteristics of it being ‘dead’ and coming back to life is somewhat reminiscent of the account of the valley of dry bones in Ezekiel 37 or of the graves opening and people being resurrected when Jesus died on the cross (Matthew 27:50-54).  I don’t want to make the solution to dryness of spirit and deadness of soul sound simplistic.  I hate when people say, “You’ve just gotta trust God,” as if it’s that simple.  Trusting God can take a small step of faith or a giant leap of faith depending on the circumstances, can’t it?  Sometimes we just have to start with one small step.  Sometimes when we’re curled up and feeling dead or like we want to die, we can start by asking God to breathe life into us, like He did in the valley of dry bones, or to send His Holy Spirit to blow us to a source of refreshing, life-giving water, like the wind does to the dinosaur plant.

If you are feeling dry or dead inside, I pray God would breathe life into you again, reanimate you, strengthen you, and give you insight and wisdom.  I pray He would refresh you and help you come alive.

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