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Independence vs. Freedom

Let us never forget the sacrifices made.

Let us never forget the sacrifices made.

Is there a difference between independence and freedom? Our nation fought for independence from a ruling body that allowed us no representation, as well as for the freedom to worship God freely without government interference. Like the relationship between a child and a parent, independence comes with maturity and doesn’t mean ties are completely severed. It means we have become responsible enough that we no longer depend on them to survive. I think freedom has more to do with ruling ourselves and making our own choices, while independence has more to do with being responsible and not dependent.  Similar, but different.  Both come with responsibility and consequences.  In either case, exchanges and sacrifices are made in order to obtain and maintain freedom and independence. Neither is free, so let us never forget the sacrifices that have been made and are still being made today to keep both!

Happy Independence Day!!!


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Happiness Isn’t Free

IMG_0408 sailboat.qt_smw

A recent conversation with a friend about being happy reminded me of a quote I had saved years ago, because I thought it was so profound.

“To be free to sail the seven seas, you must make yourself a slave to the compass.  Every freedom has a corresponding slavery.  We can be free from the toothbrush and a slave to cavities or a slave to the toothbrush and free from cavities.  For everything we want, we must give up something else.” —Quiet Walk Daily e-Devotional

Just as freedom isn’t free, happiness isn’t free either.  Sometimes sacrifices must be made in order to obtain both freedom and true happiness.  Oftentimes we have to give up one thing in order to have what we ultimately want.  Is it worth it?  Sometimes it’s not a matter of having to give up one thing entirely in order to have another, but it may just be a matter of moderation and setting boundaries.  Both moderation and boundaries have to be maintained, and that takes both time and energy, so it’s still a trade-off.   As my friend, Scott, would ask, “How badly do you want it, and what are you prepared to do?”

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” —Thomas Jefferson


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Read Between the Lines

IMG_5055 Read.Between_sm


D-Day and Doughnuts

IMG_4605 doughnuts_smw2

What do D-Day and National Doughnut Day have in common?  Actually, more than you might think.  They both go fairly unrecognized unless a person has some connection with the military or a doughnut shop, and they both share a history with World War II.

On my way to pick up a friend for school this morning, the radio host announced that today is National Doughnut Day.

“That’s reason enough for me to get some doughnuts!” I thought.  But until I saw a poem posted by my friend, Randell, I had completely forgotten today is also the anniversary of D-Day, the landing of our Allied forces on the beaches of Normandy, France during World War II.  It is considered a turning point as the Allies began to gain a foothold which contributed to its victory.  So many sacrificed lives and limbs on that day.  We should never forget.

D-Day Poem

Where do the doughnuts come in?  Well, apparently, National Doughnut Day was founded upon a tradition of giving doughnuts to soldiers during World War I, and was carried on by the Red Cross during World War II.  It is sad that like so many holidays, the real reason for the day has been forgotten, and it has become a day in which bakeries give away free donuts with the purchase of a beverage.  I am thankful for reasons to celebrate and eat scrumptious sweets, but I am also thankful for the sacrifices made by so many of our military and their families that afford us such luxuries and contribute to the sweetness of freedom in our lives.  Let us eat our doughnuts and never forget.

Memorial Day Tribute

IMG_4470 Memorial.flags_smw

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  —John 15:13

Wisdom Wednesday: When It’s Never Enough

"Lo, hearkening than sacrifice is better; to give attention than fat of rams."  —1 Samuel 15:22b YLT

“Lo, hearkening than sacrifice is better; to give attention than fat of rams.” —1 Samuel 15:22b YLT

Have you ever felt like you could never do enough to please someone? Have you ever heard someone say, “I don’t know what to do to make you happy”? Although some people can be unreasonably demanding and nothing anyone does will ever make them happy, sometimes it’s a matter of us doing what we like to do, think is better, or what’s convenient for us rather than what is asked or needed. Then we wonder why the things we do never seem to be enough.

“The sacrifice of an ox will not bring us all we want.” —Latin proverb

“Personal affections must be sacrificed for the greater cause.” —Chinese proverb

“Whether you understand the motivations of your heart or not, really what’s driving your actions, and what’s driving your life and how you fill your day, actually comes back to what you believe is actually gonna bring about the most fullness of life possible for you.” —Matt Chandler, pastor of The Village Church in Fig Leaves, Lies and the Grace of God

Decades ago I wrote a short skit for our youth group to teach the principle of obedience over sacrifice. It was inspired by the account of when King Saul was given specific instructions but only partially carried them out. Then Samuel, God’s spokesperson arrived on the scene:

And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams. —1 Samuel 15:22

In order to make the account applicable and more personal, the skit portrayed a mother instructing her teenage daughter to do her homework. The daughter went to her room, and after some time, she presented her mother with a painting as a gift.

IMG_1973 Sophia.art_smw

The mother was blessed, until she realized her daughter had not done any of her homework, where upon she became sad and disappointed.  She expressed appreciation for the gift, reassured her daughter of her love, and explained why obeying is a greater expression of love and respect.

Have you ever wondered why you seem to be losing respect and closeness in relationships?  In King Saul’s case, his disobedience by doing things his own way and his rebellious heart caused him to lose God’s blessing and eventually his kingdom and even his life.  Although in our relationships, it may not be a matter of obedience or disobedience, it could be that we are not hearkening, that we are not truly listening and doing what others ask, need or desire.

“Being heard is so close to being loved that, for the average person, they are almost indistinguishable.”  —David Augsburger

“My wife says I never listen to her.  At least I think that’s what she said.”  —Unknown

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